Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll talk about the Gourd Festival later (like when it actually happens!). I do want to tackle two questions I frequently get asked: Why do you work with gourds? and How did you get started?

Somewhere in the mid-1990's I was an art student by day and taught English as a second language by night. The school I worked for required that I attend an inservice to enrich my teaching skills. I looked at the list of lectures and workshops and was surprised to find an art class.

I can't remember the teacher's name but I do remember her tattoos and the gourd she placed in front of me. I held it in my hand and thought how cool it looked, felt, and how the seeds sounded inside, and yes, even the smell! I was hooked and thus began my slow but steady journey into the world of gourds. Above is the first gourd I worked on at that inservice entitled, Peruvian Guy.

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