Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Feel the Love at the Festival!

The remaining gourds have been placed back on the shelf, tables and chairs are back in the garage, and the dirt has been scrubbed off of my ankles. The 13th Annual Gourd Festival held at the Welburn Gourd Farm last weekend (June 27th and 28th) was exciting, interesting, warm, inspirational, thought provoking, warm, fun, tiring, and did I mention that it was warm?

It actually wasn't that bad under the arched oaks. My spot (booth #7) was in mottled shade and with just a bit of breeze, it was very tolerable. Around two o'clock is when I wanted to string up the hammock, leave a tin can in my booth with a sign saying "Leave Money Here--Thank You!".

The best part about the festival was, of course, the people. Pretty much all gourd fans or spouses, significant others, or friends of gourd fans. Could I be in a more supportive environment? I really appreciated peoples' comments, questions, or maybe it was just a "thumbs up." I soaked it all in like a sponge!

One thing that surprised me was all of the paparazzi, or should I say "Gourdarazzi," because no one wanted my photo (except my mother)! The gourds were center stage and that's perfectly fine with me!

I enjoyed chatting with A.C. Contreras, my neighbor in booth #8 who drove from Socorro, New Mexico with his Native American art. I could hear how passionate he was about his craft and his people. His calm and humorous manner reminded me of my grandfather who was also from New Mexico.

I met Dean, a free spirit walking around with his didgeridoo who gave me and my family a fun demonstration. He was friends with Michelle (booth #43) who made rain sticks. I could hear the sticks being tested throughout the day. Maybe that soothing rain sound kept me from overheating???
Carrie Dearing (booth #1) stopped by with her family. Every time I made my trek to the port-o-potties her booth always had admirers. I spoke with Norma Prickett (or Diane Calderwood?) from booth #15. I'm sorry if I have the incorrect name it's just that it's difficult to break eye contact to look at someones chest (i.e. their name tag). I like the direction her gourd jewelry is going.

I briefly spoke with Gloria Crane (booth #21) and learned this was her 11th festival---I admire her carving technique. I met Dianne Connelly and stopped by her booth shared with Pat Shallbrack---beautiful animal painting and weaving.

I met Bill from Worcester Glass Works who came all the way from Maui, Hawaii with glass gourds---great organic shapes and layers of visual texture and color. In desperation I found Marilyn in Betsy Robert's Galaxy Gourds booth. She glued an ear back on for me using the Gluesmith's glue (booth #26)---best glue demonstration ever!
I could blog on and on about the gourds and people I met. If I didn't mention an artist or booth it certainly doesn't mean I didn't appreciate them!

One last shout out to the Welburn Gourd Farm for hosting such a great event, the California Gourd Society whose volunteers do a bang up job with the competition, and to my family, whose help and PATIENCE deserve a Wayne and Garth "I'm not worthy!!!" bow!

*The gourds pictured in this entry have gone on to new homes.

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  1. Wish I could have been there! Sounds like it was a great show. Beautiful work, my friend. :)