Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Size Doesn't Matter!

The Gourd Festival has come and gone and I'm slowly cleaning and reorganizing my work space to combat the pre-show tornado that always seems to happen. There were less artists/vendors/live entertainment this year and also less people, but it was still a great venue with a very kind and supportive crowd. I already signed up for next year where in addition to the festival, there will also be a Polynesian dance competition.
Although there were less artists the quality was still high. When I did a quick walk around, two booths caught my eye. One artist was Vanessa Hughes. I liked the graphic quality of her work. Each piece was different yet everything was cohesive. I didn't get a chance to speak with her but I did grab her card: http://www.nessysnest.webs.com/

There was also a booth of Peruvian gourds--neat to see how another culture approaches the gourd. It would be cool to have artists from Africa, China, or ?, at the festival as well. The vendors were fun to chat with and while they didn't have a business card, he said the website was easy to remember, Inkagourd.com. Well, I tried all sorts of spellings and combinations but could not find them out in the vastness of cyberspace. Perhaps I will see them next year?

Sunday Dean came by with his didgeridoo. I also received a didgeridoo healing. He said his didgeridoo is a low "B"--the tone determined by the length (size does matter in this case!). He aimed it at my back and I definitely felt it in my lower "B"! If you are interested in didgeridoos or vibrational sound healing, contact Dean at: DeansDidge@sbcglobal.net
All in all it was an exhausting weekend but good times were definitely had at the gourd farm whether it was camping with my family on the peaceful grounds, talking "gourd" with friendly folk, or having burgers&beans with friends who made the long trek to the show and stayed for supper. Hasta el proximo!

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