Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Chuck" Joins the Clan

Most of the time I go along making things and I'll find inspiration from all sorts of things, usually something from nature. As I'm in the process I'm enjoying myself but I never know if anyone else will appreciate what I'm doing (and for some pieces it seems I can't even give them away!). Sometimes it's a one-sided dialogue.

Then someone comes along, like my friend Helen, and challenges me to create something new. When two like intentions come together, special things happen! First she wanted a Moose...then a Giraffe...a Monkey...Tiger...and now a Turkey.

As I was working on Chuck and trying to figure out how to put this guy together, I was suddenly grateful to Helen for giving me this challenge. I guess I sort of felt like a surrogate mother; Helen's idea and my "body," so to speak, and it probably did take about nine months from finding the right gourds to putting on the last coat of varnish.

Chuck posed some interesting challenges and at times was a real turkey. He will be safely hanging around her son's room just in time for Thanksgiving.

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