Thursday, May 5, 2011

Old Portraits/New Hairdos

Most days I am surrounded by gourds--don't get me wrong, they are a fun and crazy bunch, but it is nice to do something a little different.

I will be participating in Fullerton's Art Walk this Friday May 6th at Salon 138/40 Lashes. Since it is a hair salon I wanted to do something about hair and use these old school trays that have been gathering dust. I love portraits, so I decided to take some of my favorites and give them a hairstyle that they might have worn if living in a different era.

After centuries with her hair down, the Mona Lisa (painted by Leonardo da Vinci) might enjoy an updo.

Pablo Picasso was a genius in the art world and was still alive when the pompadour was around, but unfortunately he had already gone bald.

"Business in the front, party in the back." Vincent VanGogh was a brilliant but awkward painter who seemed to live between fits of madness and lucidity.

Frida was a rebel who did many shocking things in her lifetime and I think if she were living now, a mohawk would have suited her just fine!


  1. beautiful work but how did you do the zebra? is it several gourds put together, or just carved. I am very interested. I grow my own gourds and decorate them also. I would really like to know how you did them.

    1. Dear Bluemoonlight0218, I just noticed your comment (don't get very many comments and the ones I do get are usually from the same people!) and to answer your question, I use one gourd for the "base" and then gourd parts/pieces for ears, eyes, muzzles, etc. Lots of trial and error and cutting but the color/pattern seem to pull it all together. Happy gourding!