Monday, August 15, 2011

Sparrows in Psyche

About a year ago I started making little gourd sparrows. I've never been a "bird" person, but it seems they have been in my awareness...maybe because I've been working outside more often and therefore have an opportunity to see them???

Maybe birds are "in" now as represented in this clip from a quirky new tv show called Portlandia.

Recently my family and I had the opportunity to help a baby bird who was hobbling along in a parking lot. Daughter #1 spotted it and daughter #2 immediately wanted to help. It was so tiny and didn't look very healthy, but I know sometimes the parents are close by so we continued on our way.

Well, we did end up bringing it home and a neighbor walked by who just happens to work at a veterinary hospital and she told us we could get baby bird formula which we promptly purchased at Petsmart. This took a little bit of effort but Birdie finally took the food with an eyedropper.

After a few days of emails and phone calls I was directed to Terry who rehabilitates house sparrows. We packed Birdie up in it's shredded paper nest and shoe box and got on the road!

It has been more than five weeks since we found Birdie and I am happy to report that she (yes, turns out she is a girl) is full grown, doing well, and is about to be released.

Daughter #2 and I had the opportunity to go visit her. Birdie still had that alert but calm sweetness to her. (Like I said before, I've never been a bird person, but this one is special!)

A huge bouquet of gratitude to Terry and all animal rescuers and rehabilitators--thank you.

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