Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Great Event for a Worthy Cause

If you happen to drive in downtown Fullerton or go into some of the shops, at some point a brightly mosaicked or uniquely painted "heart" will catch your eye. All of these large and small hearts are designed and created by local artists to be auctioned off to benefit an organization called All the Arts For All The Kids.

What started all of this, whether it's hearts, elephants, pigs, etc., was the Cow Parade which began in Chicago in 1999 and is still going strong internationally.

I did not design a heart, although I would enjoy making one, however I did donate one of my gourds for auction and was able to attend this annual event for the first time.

My piece was called "Resting Finches" and I was able to meet the nice daughter and mother who purchased it as an early Mother's Day gift.  It looked like a very successful event and I hope the program continues to deliver a high quality Art Education to ALL children.

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